Serengeti Sofa Range

“The Serengeti range was designed with the distinctly African Savannah in mind. Its slanted tapered back legs and thin vertical slats are reminiscent of the wild African game that roam its plains.”

Practically, the Serengeti Sofa Range was also designed to be completely modular. Our customers have the opportunity to create a corner sofa set, a two or three seater sofa set or even their own seperate lounging units. The corner sofa set is slightly bigger in dimensions than our existing sofas and we have filled the cushions with unicurl to make for a more sumptuous seating arrangement. Our sofas are created by adding a left and right unit together to create a two seater sofa and then include a middle unit to create a three seater sofa. Our lounging units are created by taking a single seater and adding an ottoman to create a lounging unit.