This is the Bloc Outdoor Newsletter which is written monthly by Peter Raffin. I am available to be contacted on  for any further information written on the topics below.

Bloc Outdoor Brochure 2013

Due to our successful first full year of trading, here at Bloc we decided to create our first ever brochure comprising our full product range. The brochure has been a long time coming and in fact was started in October last year. After a number of changes, additions and subtractions the brochure has now been completed. The brochure includes Lifestyle images and Specifications of our full range.  Lifestyle images from both of our photoshoots in Cape Town have been chosen and included. The photos were shot by Jaco Wolmarans on location in Milnerton and Camps Bay, Cape Town.

The Specifications section at the back of the brochure include each element of the furniture ranges that we have designed and manufactured and include their various sizes and specifications. The brochure also includes fabric colour options for the covers of our cushions as well as information on Materials, Fittings and Maintenance of our furniture.

The Brochure will be able to be viewed on our website very soon or pop into our showroom or one of our distributors to view it shortly. We will be printly a short run of our brochure initially, but hopefully in the not too distant future our brochure will be available to all of our customers in hard copy format.


Bloc Outdoor Website 2013

As with our Brochure here at Bloc we have given our website a serious overhaul. Our website has now taken on a new and fresh image and now includes all our existing and new ranges.  We have changed the various elements of our website to be more user friendly and understandable for our customers to view.

The new elements to our website include a Distributors, Project and News page. Our Distributors page includes a full listing of distributors of the Bloc Outdoor furniture range both nationally and internationally. Our Projects page includes some of the latest and greatest projects that we have completed since being in operation. Our News page is there to keep you our potential and existing customers aware of what we have done, what we are doing and where we are going.

Like our new brochure which we have recently completed we have included Lifestyle images and specifications of our various ranges in our new website. The Lifestyle Gallery section has grown so that our customers may view the images in a larger more user friendly format.  We have included pictures of our new and existing ranges and this allows customers to get a better idea of how our furniture would look in their setting.

Our By Collection section now includes all the ranges that we currently manufacture. In order for our customers to navigate the ranges easier, we have included all the types of furniture products that the range has to offer so that customers could purchase an all inclusive range from Dining to Lounging. Customers may also mix and match and purchase the furniture products individually.

For those Customers who do not know our furniture we have the By Type section available so that pieces of furniture may be purchased individually or in quantities depending on the customers need. Once the potential customer has chosen a piece of furniture they could click on the product and a new page will open with dimensions and size options available.