How to Maintain Your Outdoor Furniture

Protecting your furniture against strong weather conditions is a must in South Africa in order to ensure its longevity for years to come. The average climate in South Africa varies from relatively dry summers with temperatures averaging around 26 degrees, to wet and rainy winters averaging around 16 degrees, so protecting outdoor furniture against strong weather means preparing for a number of varying weather conditions. If you break down the steps of what you should consider, the process becomes much simpler to wrap your head around.

You need to consider what type of furniture you will be placing outside. Different types of furniture, like Bloc Outdoor’s sofas, chairs, benches and tables, sun loungers, and fire places require different types of maintenance.

Firstly, consider the location of the furniture. Will it be under an awning, a tree, in the shade or in direct sunlight? Will it be exposed to animals, like birds? Will it be in an area with lots of people? Different levels of exposure to sun, rain, animals, and people can increase the levels of maintenance required.

Consider the types of materials your furniture is made from. Bloc Outdoor furniture consists mainly of Iroko timber, from the west coast of the tropical African environment. This timber is suited to being exposed to harsh conditions it is therefore a durable material – perfect for outdoor furniture. Iroko timber is a typically low maintenance material, it is however still encouraged that one applies a touch of ProNature oil (with a mutton cloth) every few months in order to moisturize and maintain the rich-ness of the timber. One can purchase this oil from Bloc Outdoor.

Bloc Outdoor’s concrete is reinforced with steel, treated with specialized repellency additive, weatherproof, and is ideal for outdoor use. All Bloc Outdoor concrete products are treated with sealer to protect against strong weather throughout the year’s varying weather conditions. One should avoid placing things such as hot plates/dishes directly on the surface, one should also refrain from cutting directly on the surface as this will damage the coating on the concrete.

Bloc Outdoor also offers a selection of cushions and fabric made from Teflon coated, water repellent, stain resistant, and mold proof material. The cushions are therefore suited to the outdoor environment however; it is still recommended that they are stored in a dry area when not in use, especially in winter.

All of Bloc Outdoor’s products are designed and crafted to withstand the outdoor environment. With a variety of items offered by Bloc Outdoor, you can enhance your outdoor space with durable and comfortable furniture.

Bloc Outdoor’s website includes comprehensive details about their products such as; information about materials, maintenance, and more.